4 Questions To Ask Before Choosing A Hair Replacement System

4 Questions To Ask Before Choosing A Hair Replacement System

There are many ways to manage hair loss, from taking the medicinal route via medications and hair transplants to something simpler yet just as effective, such as hair replacements in Singapore. Suppose you are interested in trying out the latter. In that case, you may be delightfully surprised at how highly cost-effective, comfortable, and convenient they are while being indistinguishable from your real hair. That said, to achieve this perfect look with hair systems and ensure they blend well with your features, it is important to first ask a few questions when deciding on your options.

1. Ask for before/after pictures

Similar to how people look into before/after pictures when considering aesthetic treatments, you should also do the same when searching for hair replacement systems. These photos of previous customers prove how a brand’s offerings look on an actual person, enabling you to properly gauge their quality and ultimately make a better purchase decision. If these photos are not readily available, it is best to seek options elsewhere.

2. How extensive is the hair system customisation?

Customisation is the key to getting the perfect hair system that works for your head measurement, usage preferences, and lifestyle. Apart from the base and bonding methods, there are other factors to consider when choosing the right hair system, such as hair colour, length, material, styling possibilities, etc.

A custom hair system tailored to your exact requirements makes all the difference between a natural-looking yet robust hair replacement and an average men’s hair wig. As such, it is recommended to stick to reputable hair replacement specialists as they are guaranteed to provide you with a personalised non-surgical hair restoration solution that exceeds your expectations.

3. What are the available attachment options?

Hair replacement systems can be secured to the scalp in many ways depending on your needs, whether you want to keep it on at all times or have no issue with removing it occasionally.

Moreover, the lifestyle you lead also dictates the best configuration that can handle your daily routines. If you are an active person that enjoys being physical or wears hard hats for your job, your hair system will usually require a breathable base and a stronger adhesive to withstand the extra pressure and friction. Otherwise, something less specialised may suffice for your needs.

Do consider that each type of base material has unique qualities and shortcomings, like the super-breathable base, which typically sacrifices strength and thus cannot handle frequent removal and reattachment.

4. Are there any specific hair care requirements?

A proper hair care routine is essential to keep your hair system looking great for a long time. Although modern hair systems now use real hair for that natural look, that does not mean they are as tough as the natural hair on your head. As such, don’t forget to ask about durability when choosing between hair replacement systems and if their offering requires specific care routines beyond the general ones, such as:

  • Only using hair products designed for hair systems
  • Avoiding heating tools like straighteners and curling irons
  • Shampooing the hair system only once or twice a week to avoid damage

Apart from keeping it in good condition, knowing how to care for your hair system is also essential to prolong its lifespan.


Hair replacement systems work best when they match your physical requirements, lifestyle, and preferences. Therefore, don’t hesitate to ask questions like those listed above and any others you may have that can help you achieve the perfect hair system that works for you.

At Rehair Lab, our hair replacement specialists can provide you with such excellent and high-quality hair systems, all fully customised according to your needs and preferences. Do not hesitate to contact us at any time to learn more about our dependable and satisfaction-guaranteed hair systems or book a free consultation.