5 Common Cosmetic Hair Replacement Myths Debunked

As age catches up to one, some may start experiencing hair loss – be it due to genetics or illnesses. However, this is completely normal as many people are experiencing this issue. Research shows that by the age of 50, approximately 85% of men experience hair thinning or hair loss, and 70% of women over the age of 70 experience female-pattern baldness.

Whether it’s hormonal imbalance or age, there are plenty of hair loss solutions available in the market. In fact, one such hair loss solution emerging in popularity is non surgical hair replacement system. However, hair replacement systems are often compared to wigs, and people are concerned that their hair may turn out unnatural or affect one’s lifestyle.

With the many concerns and mistruths circulating around, it can be difficult to distinguish between what’s real and false. Continue reading on as we’ll be debunking five common cosmetic hair replacement myths.

1. People will know that I’m wearing a headpiece

Unlike wigs, such as synthetic ones, hair replacement systems look all-natural as it uses human hair that is attached intricately onto a discreet membrane using adhesive methods to ensure it completely sticks onto one’s head. Furthermore, it is customisable to meet an individual’s natural hair, colour, and preferred hairstyle.

As such, with its natural appeal and high quality, the headpiece is discreet and undetectable. So, it will hardly ever be obvious for people to recognise it as a headpiece.

2. It’s artificial and is just an expensive term for wigs

A cosmetic hair replacement is very different from traditional wigs. This process is customised to fit one’s needs, with a blend of the natural colour and texture of the hair.

Furthermore, it’s made to follow the natural hairline, making it appear like natural hair growing right out of the scalp. On the other hand, wigs are not custom-made to fit and are more likely to appear less natural.

3. Affect one’s daily lifestyle

When investing in a cosmetic hair replacement system, one may be worried that you may have to put a halt to certain daily activities (e.g. exercising, showering and sleeping). Hair replacement systems are designed to stick in place no matter the circumstances. Hence, your daily lifestyle will not be affected.

The hair replacement system process uses a strong, waterproof adhesive, which means your hair won’t be affected – be it when your hair dipping in water or experiencing extreme wind blowing off the hair.

4. It’s expensive

While maintenance is needed for cosmetic hair replacement systems, long-term expense of undergoing a surgical procedure such as hair transplants can result in a hefty amount. Surgical procedures sometimes require multiple sessions to achieve the goal – not to mention the maintenance involved in those surgical procedures.

On the other hand, hair replacement systems are more affordable and can be a good investment.

5. It’s not long-lasting

High quality cosmetic hair replacement systems are durable, long-lasting and easily replenished. In comparison, hair surgical procedures may result in its effects wearing off and thinning gradually as one’s natural hair thins.

With cosmetic hair replacement systems, it’s a long-term solution with low maintenance. It doesn’t require a replacement once every few weeks as it can last three to six months. Afterwards, a simple replacement is done, or you can switch up your appearance with a new hairstyle.

In comparison, hair replacements offer flexibility with a simple and straightforward process.


While there are many myths surrounding hair replacement myths, once you’ve uncovered the truth, you’ll understand that cosmetic hair replacement systems can serve as a much-needed and natural solution to hair loss.