5 Most Common Myths For Hair Loss In Men Debunked

5 Most Common Myths For Hair Loss In Men Debunked

The cause of hair loss is a subject rife with myths that have no scientific basis. With the internet further perpetuating certain mistruths, it has become challenging to determine factual information.

Such myths can cause anxiety and fear that is uncalled for, and believing in them will not help you know the cause of your hair loss problem, nor will it guide you to the right treatment path that best suits your needs. In this article, we have collated five of the most common myths regarding hair loss in men and the truth behind them.

Myth 1: Testosterone levels affect hair loss

Elevated testosterone levels do not affect hair loss since hair follicles are not sensitive. They are susceptible to a hormone called dihydrotestosterone, which causes them to shrink and fall out earlier than usual. This sensitivity is caused by androgenetic alopecia or male pattern baldness and is absent in those without it.

Myth 2: Only older men experience hair loss/balding

According to the American Hair Loss Association, around 25% of men with hereditary male pattern baldness can experience hair loss well before reaching 21. Furthermore, approximately 66% of men with or without those traits will have experienced hair loss to some degree by the time they get to 35, and that increases to 85% by the age of 50. In short, hair loss can happen even when you are still young, and it is not only exclusive to men of age.

Myth 3: Wearing hats too often causes hair loss

Far too many claims (and believes) that wearing your favourite headwear contributes to hair loss. The reality is that hats do no damage to your hair unless they are far too tight that they cause traction alopecia, a type of gradual hair loss that results from the tension of hair or repetitive pulling of hair. However, the chances of that happening are incredibly slim, much less the odds of someone being comfortable or capable of wearing something that tight day in and day out.

Myth 4: Washing or shampooing your hair too much causes hair loss

Shampooing daily does not cause hair loss since a clean scalp protects against hair loss. However, doing so may lead to hair damage, especially when using shampoo products that contain harsh ingredients.

Moreover, applying shampoo every time you bathe is not necessary since it washes away natural oils on the scalp that are healthy for your hair. Thus, it is better to shampoo every other day instead or use a mild shampoo if you prefer to stick to your routine.

Myth 5: Cut your hair often to have it grow back thicker and quicker

Getting frequent haircuts has nothing to do with the speed or thickness of hair growth. Whether you keep your cut long and short does not affect the rate at which your hair naturally grows and renews itself.


Given how hair loss is something that no one wants to experience, it is not unusual for myths to arise about what could cause it from happening. But misconceptions never do anyone good, and they only serve to mislead those looking to understand their hair loss symptoms and what they can do about it. Should you need guidance on how to go about solving your hair loss, consider consulting a hair replacement specialist in Singapore first for advice.