5 Myths About Non-Surgical Hair Replacement Debunked

5 Myths About Non-Surgical Hair Replacement Debunked

Non-surgical hair replacement systems have been gaining popularity over the past few years, especially among hair loss sufferers. Although hair replacement in Singapore can be accomplished surgical or non-surgical ways, many have been opting for a non-surgical option as it is a simple process that involves using a customised, realistic-looking hairpiece that does not require surgery of any kind.

However, there are many misconceptions surrounding non-surgical hair replacement systems. If you are considering getting one for yourself, it is important to identify the facts and myths to ensure that you know what you’re signing yourself up for.

Below, we debunk some of the most popular myths surrounding non-surgical hair replacement systems that might have made you think twice about investing in one.

1. They are not secure and can easily fall off

Many people are concerned that hair systems are not secure and can be knocked off their heads by strong gusts of wind. However, this is far from the truth. A non-surgical hairpiece is designed and made according to your exact measurements, ensuring a precise fit. The hairpiece is then attached to the head where the follicles used to be. Additionally, a medical-grade adhesive is used in non-surgical restoration systems to prevent them from coming off.

Hair replacement specialists and experts have the experience and skill set to ensure that your hair replacement system is installed correctly.

2. They are hot and itchy

Contrary to popular belief, hair replacement systems will not leave you feeling hot, itchy, or uncomfortable. Hair replacement involves bonding hair to the scalp in a comfortable, light, and natural way. You will be able to wear your hairpiece comfortably and perform different activities, such as swimming or playing any sport, without worrying about excessive itchiness or sweatiness on your scalp.

3. They look fake

Many people who suffer from hair loss are concerned that non-surgical hair restoration units will appear conspicuous or fake. However, modern advancements have enabled hair replacement systems to use human hair for undetectable and natural-looking results.

4. Colour choices are restricted

Due to advanced hair colour technology, hairpieces can be customised according to an individual’s desired colour. Finding ready-to-wear hairpieces that include rooted colour options and darker roots to mimic natural hair growth is possible. Gradient colours are also available, blending the root colour with another colour to create depth and richness. It is important to consult experts from a renowned hair clinic when choosing a colour blend that suits your age and preferences.

5. Non-surgical options are not as effective

Although surgical procedures are a legitimate alternative to male pattern baldness, the procedure might not be suitable for every type of baldness. This is especially true for individuals with type A alopecia or who suffer from excessive hair thinning, where cutting small pieces of skin does not improve overall strand density. It is equally or more effective to use non-surgical options in these situations than surgical procedures.


If you’re considering a non-surgical hair replacement system, do not let the many misconceptions surrounding them convince you otherwise. There are many significant benefits of non-surgical hair replacements that can ensure long-lasting results for your hair.

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