5 Reasons Why You Should Consider A Hair Replacement

5 Reasons Why You Should Consider A Hair Replacement

Hair loss affects many men, and it manifests as early as their 20s to their 50s and beyond. While the main reason why they might see their headline recede is due to genetics, many other factors contribute to this phenomenon, such as natural ageing, autoimmune diseases, unhealthy diet, stress, and even a sedentary lifestyle.

No matter what the cause may be, what is certain is that hair loss can severely affect one’s self-esteem and confidence. These days, there are many treatments and medications to choose from that promote hair growth (many work while others do not), but they all have one thing in common: side effects that range from mild to harsh. Thankfully, there is a more innovative and safer treatment for hair loss that provides an instant and hassle-free solution - hair replacement in Singapore. Read on to know why you should consider this option first and the benefits that come with it.

Reason 1: Eliminates baldness

Although they work to eliminate baldness, hair systems do not do so by outright fixing your hair loss problem and getting your hair growing back again. This solution conceals bald spots using a combination of natural hair, an invisible base, and modern ventilation methods. The result is a hair replacement system indistinguishable from natural hair that can be applied instantly on the affected areas and styled according to the user’s preferences. So ultimately, hair replacement systems do eliminate baldness by making it look like it is not there in the first place.

Reason 2: Natural-looking hairline

Hair transplant surgeries may work to grow your hair back, but they are not guaranteed to make the hair look natural. For instance, one of the possible scenarios is that the transplanted hair grows out to be either thinner or thicker than the surrounding natural hair, resulting in a visibly unnatural hairline. That is not the case with hair systems, wherein your hair replacement specialist in Singapore will carefully choose the right type of natural hair that best suits you for a natural-looking hairline.

Reason 3: Low-maintenance

Once applied, hair systems do not require much maintenance to ensure they last long apart from regular cleaning. Showering with a hair system as you would with normal hair is entirely possible and even recommended, provided you follow a few guidelines to ensure that they do not get ruined in the process.

Reason 4: Cost-effective treatment for hair loss

Compared to other hair treatment options, hair replacement cost in Singapore is cheaper, requiring less investment in the short term. Take, for instance, hair transplant surgery, which promises hair regrowth by taking grafts or follicles of hair from other parts of the body and putting them into the balding spots in the head.

Although this is a long-lasting and permanent solution, the average cost of hair transplant surgery can range between $6000 to $12000, depending on the price of each graft or hair follicle needed. In contrast, hair replacement systems fetch around a fraction of that price and often much less, provide an instant solution, and has a relatively long lifespan depending on their make and materials.

Reason 5: Non-surgical alternative

Surgical methods of treating hair loss often cause temporary swelling, pain, and soreness on both the transplant site and areas where the donor’s hair was taken. Moreover, there are other byproducts of surgery to know about, one of which is scarring. Scarring is inevitable when undergoing hair transplant regardless of the procedure, along with other potential side effects, including:

  • Infections
  • Scalp pain, swelling, and itching
  • Folliculitis or inflammation of hair follicles
  • Loss of sensation around surgical sites
  • Bleeding
  • Noticeably thinner hair or visible areas of hair that do not match their surrounding hair


Hair loss treatments now come in many forms and work in various ways, either surgically or non-surgically. Although the more invasive options come with the chance of getting back one’s natural hair for good, the risks involved may not be for some people, on top of the price tag that comes along with it. And so, with all things considered, that is why hair replacement is the better way to treat hair loss among existing options.