5 Things To Look Out For When Getting A Hair Replacement System

5 Things To Look Out For When Getting A Hair Replacement System

Hair loss or thinning is a common experience for men, with some experiencing this challenge as young as 16. Due to the increasing prevalence of hair loss among men, hair loss solutions are also becoming more popular.

Hair replacement systems and hair wigs for men in Singapore are increasing in popularity due to the growing demand for hair loss solutions. If you need a hair replacement system, consider the five things to look out for before taking the first step in concealing hair loss.

1. Base design

The comfort of your wig or hair system is the most critical factor when choosing either. A hair system’s base design plays a significant role in enhancing comfort and not being noticeable.

It is generally better to choose men’s hair systems with lace bases that allow more outstanding breathability. As a result, sweat will be kept out of your hair and scalp.

2. Colour and texture 

A hair system that doesn’t match your natural hair’s colour and texture will likely make you want to discard it. Before committing, you should ensure you get the right colour and texture. The importance of this is just as great as fitness and comfort.

3. Base size

Depending on your hair loss level, your hair system will have a different base size. Most people prefer a larger size since it can be trimmed down to a smaller size if necessary. In contrast, customised hairpieces are made based on your measurements, so they fit your head exactly.

4. Hair type

The type of hair you want is another critical decision. Human male hair wigs are usually used for long-lasting, customisable hair systems with a more natural look. In contrast, synthetic hair systems are a less costly and easy-to-care-for alternative. In terms of maintenance, styling, longevity, and price, human hair and synthetic wigs have pros and cons. 

Personal preference is ultimately the deciding factor, and the best way to decide is to weigh out the pros and cons of each.

5. Hair system needs 

Finally, you need to consider your lifestyle, what you need from your hair system and how you plan to wear it. In order to determine how much coverage you require, you should consider whether a full-size or smaller hair replacement will cover your bald head patch.

You should also consider if there are any fine-tuned features of your natural hair that you would like to replicate. In this case, a custom unit would be a better choice than a stock hairpiece.


Knowing what to look out for when getting a hair replacement system is essential as making an informed decision based on that information. Base size, design, colour and texture are just some things you should look out for. Knowing precisely what you want before making the first step to getting a hair replacement system is crucial.

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