7 Natural And Effective Ways To Stimulate Hair Growth

7 Natural Ways To Stimulate Hair Growth

Hair is an essential aspect of a person’s appearance. Regardless of whether it is black or brown, short or long, straight or curly, what is important is how healthy and well-maintained it is. Healthy hair grows constantly and naturally. However, hair growth depends on factors such as a person’s genetic history and age.

Fortunately, several proven and tested remedies may help you if you are suffering from hair loss or hair thinning. You can either look into hair replacement in Singapore to bring back your hair’s healthy and fantastic look with ease, or you can try natural ways of stimulating hair growth.

Read on to learn some of the most effective, science-backed tips you can try to encourage the growth of your natural and fine hair.

Method 1: Massaging scalp regularly

Aside from relaxing your muscles and making you feel comfortable, massaging your scalp can also help stimulate the growth of your hair. Studies have shown that a scalp massage can increase the thickness of your hair by stretching the cells of your hair follicles. This prompts the follicles to generate thicker hair.

By adding regular scalp massages to your hair care routine, you can stimulate the bulbs that nourish your hair strands and ultimately restore your natural hair growth. Additionally, these massages are also great for relieving your stress and tension. To complement this routine, you can use soothing and replenishing hair oil.

Method 2: Frequent trims

It is a standard hair care tip to trim your hair regularly if you wish to get the luscious hair of your dreams. While frequent hair trims do not necessarily streamline hair growth, they eliminate split ends that break your hair. So, in essence, there is some truth to the classic haircare advice.

Hair growth stems not from the ends of your hair but the follicles on your scalp. Hence, shearing off split ends does not affect your follicles up top, but it does help keep your hair’s breakage at bay. A split end that breaks can result in your hair losing length – not to mention it can also impact the volume, shine, and smoothness of your hair.

Method 3: Avoiding chemical treatments

If you are a fan of bleaching or dyeing your dark hair, there is some bad news for you – using chemical treatments can damage your hair and prevent its natural growth. These hair dye products usually include harmful chemicals, such as ammonia and hydrogen peroxide, as their main ingredients. Both substances can loosen your hair in its telogen phase.

Moreover, most hair colouration products can weaken your hair shafts, which leads to breakage. If you are trying to achieve the longest-possible hair, always resist the urge to dye your hair. When your hair’s cuticle is damaged from bleaching, you can have more breakage or split ends.

Method 4: Brush your hair

You probably brush your hair every day since it is one of the most fundamental parts of a hair care routine. But do you know why this habit is so important? Brushing your hair is the most effective way to distribute the natural oils of your hair and keep its natural moisture. It also increases circulation that helps make your scalp healthier.

In essence, gently brushing your hair is like a mini massage that activates your scalp and promotes blood flow and hair growth. However, note that brushing your hair while wet and without pulling is highly discouraged since this is a very fragile state. It is also best to use brushing tools with large and spaced bristles.

Method 5: Avoid heat

Although your everyday styling routine may give you ideal lengths, too much heat can ultimately do way more harm than good to your overall hair. Constantly heating will weaken your hair, leading it to break. Hairstyling tools that use heat damage your hair by bringing about frizz and breakage.

If you want to restore your strands and improve the natural growth of your hair, you need to cut off your relationship with your heat-based hairstyling tools. But if you cannot leave this habit behind, using heat protectants and deep conditioners or decreasing the temperature you apply on your hair will already do. These remedies can help mitigate some of your hair damage.

Method 6: Cool rinse

High temperatures are as harmful to your hair as they are to your skin. This is the reason why you are always advised to wear a hat or cap when going outside on a sunny day. Prolonged exposure to the sun can ultimately ruin your hair, as the UVA and UVB rays can damage your hair cuticles.

Sun damage comes in various forms, such as discolouration, split ends, dry and brittle strands, and thinning and frizziness. To avoid these hair problems, always rinse your hair with cool water, especially after being exposed to sunlight. A cool rinse can help seal your cuticle and strengthen your overall hair.

Method 7: Foods high in protein, vitamins, zinc and iron

Apart from your daily hair care routine, your everyday diet also plays a significant role in determining the quality of your hair. A healthy and nutritious diet can help keep your hair strong and shiny, while unhealthy ones full of sugar, starchy food, and alcohol can ultimately lead to hair damage and hair loss.

The way you take care of your body is also vital in stimulating your hair growth. To boost hair growth, you should increase your intake of several essential nutrients like protein, vitamins A, C, and E, omega-3 fatty acids, and minerals like zinc and iron. Eating foods high in these nutrients will surely bring you healthier and more gorgeous hair.


Some aspects of your hair growth, such as genetics and age, may be out of your control. However, this should not stop you from achieving pleasing, naturally-growing, healthy-looking hair. If you observe a standard hair care routine and follow a nutritious diet, you will most likely see improved hair growth in just a few months.

The hair care tips mentioned in this article are some of the easiest and most effective remedies you can try to enhance the thickness and growth of your hair. Using a hair replacement system is another effective and hassle-free solution to bringing back the glory of your thick and long hair! But if you want an even more accessible and quicker solution to hide your hair loss, then consulting a hair replacement specialist in Singapore is what you should do.