A Guide To Understanding Hair System Base Materials

A Guide To Understanding Hair System Base Materials

Hair systems are made to adhere closely to the scalp and remain undetectable among the user’s original hair. However, this adherence can be challenged by different lifestyles that many individuals lead, such as a rigorous exercise regimen or exposure to sun and heat.

As a result, many hairpieces now come in many different base materials to suit these various sets of needs, ensuring that wearers can enjoy a long-lasting, secure hairpiece no matter the location, routine and lifestyle.

For people seeking a hair replacement system, it can be challenging to figure out which base materials are right for them. In this article, we will discuss the most common base materials, outlining their benefits and advantages to help you make an informed choice.


A very common material used in hairpieces, polyurethane is prized for its flexibility and elasticity. The manufacturing process of layering polyurethane enables the creation of various pre-made hairpiece models. These models are designed to achieve different levels of durability and realism.

Generally, a thicker polyurethane base will look less realistic whilst being more durable. A thinner polyurethane base will look much more realistic but sacrifice durability. This is especially important for prospective wearers looking for a hairpiece to suit their needs.

For those who love to hit the gym and spend time outdoors, a thicker polyurethane base will last longer, whilst the not-so-active can opt for a thinner polyurethane base as they may not require as much durability.


Possibly the longest-lasting base material, nylon, also known as nylon mono-filament, is one of the most durable bases a hairpiece can have. Suited for those looking for the maximum usage and lifespan of their hairpiece, nylon mono-filament bases can last for an extended period with the right maintenance.

If comfort is a top priority for you, a nylon hairpiece base can be a suitable choice. However, nylon mono-filament bases tend to be less ventilated, so it may not be the best option for those who perspire on a regular basis. Consider alternative base types more suited for active lifestyles when looking for hair replacement in Singapore.


Often agreed upon as the most natural-looking and concealable hair system base material, lace is another popular choice for those looking for maximum discretion.

Some of the benefits a lace base hairpiece provides are lighter in weight and breathability. Lace hairpieces, due to the material and lower hair volume, are known to feel softer and more cooling. Suitable for the tropical heat and humidity, lace hair systems allow your scalp to “breathe” the most while staying hidden and looking natural.


With the wide range of hair system bases available, individuals considering hairpieces can feel assured about finding a suitable option. Be it discretion or an active lifestyle, there is sure to be a male hair wig that caters to your routine.

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