Adjusting To A New Hairpiece: Essential Do’s and Don’ts

Adjusting To A New Hairpiece: Essential Do's and Don'ts

Hair replacement in Singapore provides the best, non-surgical method of restoring your hair to its former glory. For men in particular, these hair systems are a far superior alternative to full wigs, given that they look more natural as they blend in with existing hair. Once you find the right hair system for your needs, you’ll find them to be highly comfortable, discrete, and the best solution for your temporary or permanent hair loss.

So, if you have decided that a hair system is the best hair loss solution for you, preparing for your new hairpiece is important. This is because wearing one takes time to get used to, and there are several do’s and don’ts to remember since it cannot be treated like your natural hair despite looking and feeling the same.

On that note, here are a few things you should know about adjusting to your hair system and getting up to speed on your new look.

Do: Shampoo regularly

Just like natural hair, your hair replacement system needs regular shampooing too. That said, you must be more careful when washing your new hair and only use tepid or cold water and shampoos specifically for hair systems.

Additionally, avoid shampooing your hair daily, as any more frequently than once or twice a week increases the risk of your hair system getting dry and tangled. Before jumping into the shower, it is recommended to brush your hair first to ensure a tangle-free wash.

Don’t: Use regular hair products

As mentioned above, only use hair care products designed for wigs or hair systems as regular hair styling products could cause hair loss. By looking after your hairpiece with the right products, you can make it last longer, get more value out of it, and ensure it does not need to be reapplied more often than necessary.

Do: Press down on your hair system frequently

If you wear your hair system for extended periods, make it a habit to press down on your scalp to maintain a secure attachment. Pressing down is especially important after swimming in a pool or showering.

Don’t: Rush to the pool or gym just yet

Suppose you lead an active lifestyle and regularly exercise at the gym and the pool. In that case, it is best to hold off on resuming your physical activities for at least a day or two to give the hairpiece’s adhesive enough time to fully cure. Furthermore, it’s not just water that can compromise your newly fitted hairpiece but excessive sweating as well. In short, take it easy for the first few days after getting your hair system to completely secure it to your scalp.

Do: experiment with your new hair

One of the best things about hair replacement systems is how you can make them truly yours. You can cut, style, highlight, or fully colour your  new hairpiece as you desire to create a brand-new look or better complement your natural hair. However, whenever you want to change up your hair system’s style, get help from a professional stylist experienced with handling hair replacement systems.


Hair replacement systems are designed to look and feel no different from natural hair, but it is crucial to remember that they are not the same. As such, keep these hair care tips in mind when adjusting to your new hair system so that it serves you well for a very long time.

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