Best Men’s Hairstyles According To Your Face Shape

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When it comes to our appearances, our hair plays a critical role in keeping both our looks and confidence intact. However, due to many internal and external factors, such as genetics or medications, hair loss and baldness can occur at any time during our lives.

Although there’s nothing wrong with simply accepting that as a fact of life, that doesn’t mean that there’s no longer anything you can do to preserve the preferred appearance of your hair or change it at will. In fact, some turn to hair replacement solutions like wigs but are concerned of how unnatural it may appear to be.

However, with the advent of non-surgical hair replacement (also known as a headpiece), it’s easier than ever to retain the hair you love hassle-free. Besides, a headpiece differs from a wig, and is a more natural-looking hair loss solution.

If you like the sound of that idea, here are the best hairstyles according to face shape to consider before getting your new hair custom-made.

Oval Face Shape

The defining feature of men with an oval face structure is the lack of it, i.e. there are no sharp angles or corners in the areas around the forehead, cheeks, or chin.

This lends to a symmetrical and balanced appearance that goes well with most popular hairstyles today. In addition, thanks to the smooth curves of the jawline, going clean-shaven is recommended, but retaining some facial hair also works.

Lastly, refrain from bangs, fringes, and other similar styles that cover your forehead since they work against your appearance by making your face look rounder.

Ideal hairstyles

1. Brushback

2. Mid fade with pompadour

3. Taper fade with quiff

4. Undercut with comb over

Round Face Shape

Round-shaped faces typically have the same measurements both in length and width, with a jawline free of any angular corners and sharp edges.

Since round faces are often shorter than other facial shapes, it’s best to go for styles that give off the illusion of height, e.g. short on the sides but more volume up top.

While optional, getting a full square beard is the way to go if you wish to achieve a more chiselled look.

Ideal hairstyles

1. Side-swept brush up

2. Spiky hair

3. Bald fade with slick back

4. High skin fade with pompadour

Square Face Shape

The square-faced structure is widely considered masculine thanks to its angular features and sharper edges.

Similar to round faces, this facial structure is equal in width and length, with the only difference being in the jawline, wherein the latter sports a sharper look. When it comes to hairstyles, virtually anything can work thanks to the shape’s versatility, from short cuts like undercuts to longer ones such as traditional slick backs.

If desired, leaving a touch of facial hair stubble will instantly help soften the jawline and chin’s sharpness.

Ideal hairstyles

1. Buzzcuts

2. Crew cuts

3. Textured comb over

4. Long comb-overs

5. High fade with quiff

Oblong Face Shape

Faces that have more of an oblong look tend to appear longer, which means shorter haircuts like buzz cuts and crew cuts are best at preventing your appearance from looking unnecessarily longer.

But if you still wish to add some volume up top, there are a number of styles that can work, such as the side apart, short brush up, and comb-over, to name a few.

In terms of facial hair, foregoing it all together is highly recommended to avoid elongating the face’s look any further.

Ideal hairstyles

1. Short spiky hair

2. Brush up

3. Side-swept crew cut

4. Side part

Diamond Face Shape

Diamond-shaped faces are characteristically sharp, long and narrow, possessing wide and defined cheekbones and an angular chin.

Due to these features, the best hairstyles are generally layered and have a high volume, like fringes and faux hawks.

Similar to the square face, growing some facial hair is the easy solution to tapering the sharpness of the chin and jaw to achieve a softer look.

Ideal hairstyles

1. Slick back

2. Textured crop

3. Faux hawk (fohawk)

4. High fade with fringe

Triangle Face Shape

The most defining feature of this facial structure is the jawline due to it being wider than the cheekbones, with other notable characteristics such as a smaller forehead and a sharp, angular chin.

To achieve a more symmetrical look, offsetting the smaller forehead is a must, something that can be achieved by going for more textured and medium-length hairstyles.

When it comes to facial hair, opting for clean-shaven is best due to the prominence of the jawline.

Ideal hairstyles

1. Crew cut

2. Comb over

3. Textured quiff

4. Mid fade with angular fringe


When choosing your hairstyle for a hair replacement system, your facial structure should always be the primary factor that guides your decision. Knowing what your face looks like is the key to selecting the right haircut that compliments your look and improves your overall appearance.