Classic Men’s Hairstyles For Hair Replacement Systems

Classic Men's Hairstyles For Hair Replacement Systems

Thanks to constant developments and improvements, hair replacement systems in Singapore have increasingly become more realistic and natural-looking than ever before.

Before, you could quickly identify when someone was using a hairpiece, but now they’re indistinguishable from real hair.

These days, it has also become easier to style hairpieces. The development of natural-looking and high-quality hair replacement systems has now provided men with the opportunity to achieve the hairstyles that best suit them.

Below are five of the most classic and stylish hairstyles that men can explore with their hair replacement systems.

1. Short and Sleek

Short and sleek is a trendy hairstyle that is quite easy to achieve with a hair system. This hairstyle is essentially a sharp undercut that gives men a professional yet stylish appearance. This look is particularly ideal for those men who have a bald spot or thinning hair.

The bald or thinning area of your hair is simply covered with your hair system. A certain level of growth around the bald spot is necessary, so that once your hair system is set, the hair can be cut and shaved to blend in with your natural hair. Overall, this hairstyle is straightforward to maintain and is the best option if you want a clean look.

2. Long and Wavy

Long hair on men has always been a classic look, and it is also easy to achieve with hair systems. While many men are hesitant to pull off the long hair look, this hairstyle is very suitable for you if you are a confident person who wants to stand out from the crowd.

Men who have thinning hair are especially ideal for this type of hairstyle. Your hair system can be easily attached and matched to your natural hair to give you a sexy and stylish appearance. Overall, the long and wavy hairstyle is a versatile and elegant look that can surely turn heads.

3. Mohawk

The mohawk is a widely popular hairstyle, especially among young men. Celebrities, athletes, and fashion models have been sporting this look for years in order to achieve a distinctive and fashionable appearance. If you want to make a fashion statement with your hairstyle, then a mohawk is something that you should consider.

Balding men who have not lost much of their natural hair are specifically suitable for this kind of hairstyle. When you have a mohawk, the sides of your hair system are always kept short to leave a wide strip of hair on the top.

Overall, this hairstyle is an excellent choice if you want to have a wide range of styling options, such as the slick back, spikes, or a comb-over.

4. Pompadour Fade

The pompadour fade, characterised by short hair on the back and sides and very long hair on the top, is considered the archetypal rock star hairstyle. This hairstyle ultimately aims to provide men with a young and fashionable appearance. It has been helping many men look cool and energetic for ages.

If you have balding hair and want to look quite stylish and easy-going, the pompadour fade hairstyle is the one for you. Rocking this elegant hairstyle is very easy. All you need to have is natural hair on your crown. If you have lost most of your hair, you can just choose a stock hair system to achieve a realistic look.

5. Spiky

Whether it is classy or trendy, the spiky hairstyle for men always has the ability to make your hair look very stylish. The premise of a spiky hairstyle is usually a shorter cut that you can spike up with a product, such as a mousse or a wax.

The spiky hairstyle is perfect for men who are balding since it demands that the hair be cut very short to achieve a flawless look. In addition, this hairstyle does not require much maintenance and styling in order to keep on looking good. Most of the time, all you have to do is brush your hair and use the necessary products for long-lasting spikes.


Your hairpiece does not need to look boring to achieve a natural appearance. Thanks to the development of higher-quality hair systems, you can now get almost any hairstyle you want, even with your hairpiece. By being able to sport their desired hairstyle, men who are losing their hair can truly bring back their self-confidence with the help of hair systems. Should you require any tips or advice, you should consult a hair replacement specialist in Singapore.