Hair Replacement Systems vs. Wigs: What Is The Difference?

Hair Replacement Systems vs. Wigs: What Is The Difference?

For most people, the words’ wig’ and ‘hair system’ generally mean the same. However, the fact is that these terms are not interchangeable and do not refer to the same hair replacement option. While they ultimately serve the same purpose of disguising hair problems like partial baldness and giving you back your confidence, their notable similarities end there. Below, we take a more in-depth look at wigs and hair replacement systems so you can better decide which non-surgical hair loss solution is best for you.

Hair Replacement Systems 

As its name implies, a hair replacement system comprises several components that create a more natural and convincing head of hair. This convincing look is owed to the use of high-quality synthetic or—more often than not—human hair and a transparent bonding material (not glue) that ensures the hair system is reliably attached to the head.

However, using high-quality hair is only the first part of what makes hair replacement systems virtually indistinguishable from the real. The most important aspect of hair systems is that they are essentially made for or adapted to each individual. This means they are expertly cut, coloured, and styled to blend in naturally with your natural hair or fully replace it in cases of baldness.

The near-permanence of hair systems gives you a more natural and robust experience. Those who opt for hair systems can be more active in their daily life, such as playing sports and even scuba diving, and not have a hint of worry about their hair system coming off whatsoever. Essentially, they have greater freedom and can go about their day just like they would with their natural hair. In contrast, this would not be possible for people wearing a wig.

Hair replacement systems last longer (as they should) since most people wear their hair systems daily. When it comes to cost, hair systems will almost always fetch a higher price than wigs due to the customisation involved. But with this increased cost comes greater resilience and value.


Wigs are a single unit that generally sits on top of hair or a shaved scalp and are meant to cover the entire head, not just partial areas. Apart from synthetic materials and human hair, they can also be made from horsehair, buffalo hair, wool, and more.

Wigs are often associated with costuming and media. Many actors wear hair wigs for men of varying shapes, sizes, and colours to achieve the perfect look for their characters and roles. However, they do not necessarily imply theatricality and can often be perfectly suitable for daily use.

Since they are not meant to be worn all the time, wigs are more easily removable than hair systems. As such, it is best to think of them as “ready-to-wear” hair solutions that you can generally find in stores catering to costuming for performances, events, and cosplay. Because of this ready-to-wear aspect and lack of specific customisation, wigs are far less expensive than hair replacement systems.


Hair replacement systems and wigs are both viable hair replacement options for those experiencing hair loss or wishing to disguise their baldness. But since hair systems have come a long way in terms of their appearance, lightness, style, and naturalness, as well as their construction being made with constant use in mind, they are almost always the better option for those suffering from hair loss.

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