How To Identify A High-Quality Hair Replacement System

How To Identify A High-Quality Hair Replacement System

A hair replacement system is a significant investment. Considering the fact that hairpieces are meant to be worn daily and over many hours, selecting a hairpiece of good quality is important for a comfortable and long-lasting fit.

Prospective hair replacement system buyers can take comfort in knowing that identifying a hairpiece of great quality does not take a trained eye; instead, it simply requires attention to the right details.

Read on to learn how you can identify a high-quality hair replacement system.

Soft, smooth and silky feeling

Hair replacement systems are not simply something to be worn over your scalp – they are non-surgical replacements meant to simulate and blend in with your real hair. This means that a good quality hairpiece must be able to be washed, combed and styled as if it were the rest of your hair.

When checking out a hairpiece, the hair attached to the base must feel soft, smooth and silky. The hair must have the flexibility and lustre to stand up to regular maintenance. Avoid a hairpiece if it has a particular feeling of dry stiffness to it, as it likely will not last long or blend in with your natural hair.

Comfort and breathability 

As hairpieces tend to be worn day in and out, comfort and breathability are a must. This is especially important for the tropical climate of Singapore. Consider hairpieces with breathable base material that allows air to circulate between the base and your scalp, ensuring minimal irritation from trapped heat. Combined with a base that adheres smoothly to your scalp, such well-made hairpieces are barely seen and felt when worn.

Durable and long-lasting 

A quality male hair wig can and will last longer, especially if treated with the regular care and maintenance needed for any hairpiece. To make the most of your investment, a good hairpiece should be durable enough to handle the rigours of your daily routine. This ensures the investment in your non-surgical hair replacement system pays off in the long run.

Do take the time to check the attachment points of the hair and the hairpiece base. By ensuring the hairs are tightly attached to the base and the front of the hairpiece is made to blend in with the back and sides of your hair, you can also ascertain that the hairpiece is able to stay looking good throughout the day. 


Without needing surgery, hair replacement systems in Singapore offer a cost-effective solution that can help you regain your confidence. However, due to the long amounts of time they tend to be worn, it is imperative that such hairpieces are of high quality to ensure long-term comfort and aesthetics.

High-quality hairpieces mean everything over at Rehair Lab. Our team of highly skilled professionals can help weigh the different hair replacement options available to you. For those looking for a suitable hair replacement system for their hair needs, Rehair Lab is happy to help – with a free consultation service for those who need a guided opinion.