How To Wear A Hairpiece While Playing Sports Or Exercising

How To Wear A Hairpiece While Playing Sports Or Exercising

Wearing a hairpiece should not adversely impact your life. You may have heard about the common misconception that wearing a hair replacement system would require changing your daily habits and routines. However, there is absolutely no truth to this.

Far from limiting what you can do, wearing a hairpiece should improve your life. It should not hinder you from doing what you love, even if those are participating in sports or exercising.

Although certain precautions should be taken while playing or exercising with your hairpiece on, you can still totally remain physically active with a hair system.

Below are some of the most optimal ways of keeping your hairpiece on and undamaged while playing sports or exercising.

1. Consider a hairpiece with a lace base to deal with scalp sweating

Running around, doing several kinds of movements and motions, and keeping up with your team or gym buddies will most definitely make your scalp sweat excessively. Nonetheless, this should not cause you to worry so much.

Although perspiration can temporarily soften the bond of your hairpiece, it can re-cure once your body temperature returns to normal.

To feel more comfortable in playing or exercising while wearing a hair system, consider trying a hairpiece with a lace base. This kind of hairpiece will enable your skin to breathe more easily through the small holes in the lace.

Apart from helping you deal with scalp sweating, additional ventilation will also minimise scalp irritation and reduce hairpiece odour.

2. A poly base hairpiece is advised for water sports

While typical sports and exercises require a highly breathable base to facilitate air circulation, water sports like swimming and diving require a powerful bond to prevent your hair from slipping off. The water’s friction pulling on your hair while playing water sports makes a strong bond even more crucial.

On this basis, poly base hairpieces are highly recommended and preferable because they are more durable than laced systems. A poly base hairpiece can be attached to the entire surface area of your scalp directly with a hairpiece glue. This gives you the guarantee that your hair system will not come off in the water while you play.

3. Use a strong hair bonding adhesive

Aside from using a poly base hairpiece, choosing a strong hair bonding adhesive is also important, especially when you are playing contact sports like boxing and karate. Hard bond adhesives are the strongest type of adhesives for hairpieces. They are essentially the super glues for hair systems.

To prevent your hairpiece from falling off while you play or exercise, consider using hard bond adhesives that can provide you with the strongest bonds possible. In addition, you should also avoid making contact with your head or getting your hairpiece pulled as much as possible.

4. Choose a comfortable helmet that fits your hairpiece properly

Some sports will require you to wear a helmet, such as cycling and horseback riding. Although wearing a helmet can cause minor damage to your hair system, this does not mean that you cannot anymore play these kinds of sports.

You can still cycle or play horseback riding while wearing a hairpiece, provided that you take some precautions to minimise damage.

To do this, always make sure that you use a comfortable and high-quality helmet that properly fits your head and hairpiece. Doing so will not only assure you that you are safely protected but that your hairpiece is also well-cared for while you play your favourite sports.


As mentioned, wearing a non-surgical hair replacement system should not inhibit you from doing what you love. Instead, it should give you the boost of confidence that you need to continue living your best life!

Using suitable hairpieces and adhesives, designed to handle the rigours of playing sports or exercising, is the best way to ensure that your hair system remains in its best condition even when you engage in highly physical and perspiration-inducing activities. And if you’re in doubt or having trouble with your hair system, you should consult a hair replacement specialist in Singapore to get a peace of mind.