The Tell-Tale Signs That Your Hair System Needs Replacing

The Tell-Tale Signs That Your Hair System Needs Replacing

Hair replacement in Singapore is the best non-surgical treatment for hair loss. However, despite its effectiveness and excellence, a hair replacement system is susceptible to deterioration like everything else. After being used over a long period, your hair replacement system might decline in quality and require replacing.

There is no hard and fast rule for how long a hair replacement system lasts. Depending on the quality of the hairpiece and the level of care, it may be a different amount of time since several factors come into play. Nonetheless, some obvious signs will tell you when to replace your hair replacement system. 

1. The hair is thinning or shedding

The first significant indication that you need a new hair replacement system is when you notice more hair shedding or bald spots. Regardless of how well you maintain your hairpiece, it will soon experience thinning or shedding since it is just like human hair. However, the difference is that any hair that your hairpiece sheds will not grow back because it is attached to a base instead of your scalp.

So, if the hair on your hair replacement system starts to look a bit thin, it is most likely because its hair strands are already breaking or failing. The hair does not usually come out in big clumps; it is a slow process and is typically most apparent around the front hairline. Once you notice excess shedding or bald spots, you must replace your hairpiece as soon as possible.

2. The hair looks and feels dry

Another noticeable sign that your hairpiece already requires replacing is when the quality of your hair begins to decline or deteriorate. Over time, you will start noticing that your hair not only looks but feels dry and straw-like. You can also expect your hair to begin tangling more. This is because it is normal for the quality of your hair to decline eventually as your hairpiece takes on increased wear and tear.

This wear and tear is usually a result of daily use, maintenance, your hair’s exposure to the sun and other weather conditions, and a lot more. Using the right hair products and following proper hair maintenance practices can help extend the lifespan of your hair system. However, in the end, you should remember that the hair on your hairpiece is “dead hair,” with no oils and nutrients being supplied to the follicles. As such, it will likely end up deteriorating.

3. The colour is fading 

Sometimes, the quality of your hair may remain the same, but its colour could start fading. In that case, a new hairpiece might be a good idea. Hair colour fading is another tell-tale sign that your hair replacement system already needs replacing. Usually, the hair begins to lose its tone and colour due to being excessively exposed to the sun in a process called oxidation.

There are some ways to prevent the fading of your hair replacement system or get it back to its original colour. This includes undergoing chemical processes and using colour conditioners and shampoos. However, these solutions may also lead to your hair’s wear and tear, which can eventually result in shedding. Hence, if the colour of your hairpiece starts to fade, replacing it might be the best option.


Although hair replacement systems are an excellent, long-lasting non-surgical hair loss treatment people consider, they are still susceptible to declining hair quantity, quality, and colour. If that happens, you should already have your hairpiece replaced with a better one. After all, your hair replacement system would be of little use if it already negatively affects your appearance instead of the other way around.

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