What To Expect When Using A Hair Replacement System

What To Expect When Using A Hair Replacement System

Hair loss can be a challenging experience to overcome, and many individuals opt for hair replacement in Singapore as an effective solution. Hair replacement systems are a non-surgical method of combating thinning hair and baldness. If you want thick, great-looking hair without the difficulties of surgery, this method is perfect for you.

However, using a hair replacement system can be a new and unknown experience, causing some apprehension about what to expect. In this article, we will discuss what to expect when using a hair replacement system, from the initial consultation to the everyday experience of wearing the system.


The first step in using a hair replacement system is an initial consultation with a hair restoration specialist. The specialist will assess your hair loss and determine the best hair replacement system for you. They will also explain the procedure and answer any questions you may have. This consultation is crucial in setting realistic expectations for the hair replacement system and understanding the procedure process.

Maintenance and care

Once the hair replacement system has been chosen and customised to the appropriate shape and size, it is vital to understand how to maintain it. Maintaining the system is necessary for its longevity and appearance. It is important to follow the specialist’s instructions for proper care, such as washing and styling the system. To avoid damage to the hair system, you must be patient and gentle when handling it.

Side effects

Unlike surgical hair transplant, there are minimal side-effects associated with the use of hair replacement systems. In some cases, allergic reactions may occur. However, as it is a non-surgical hair loss treatment, timely maintenance is required.

As long as the hair replacement system is of good quality, you won’t experience any side effects from the procedure, which is why it is essential to engage in reputable hair replacement specialists with an experienced team of professionals to ensure you get the high-quality hair system most suitable for you.

In rare cases where users experience side effects such as scalp irritation, it is most likely due to irregular hair system maintenance. As mentioned before, it is important to consult an expert on the proper maintenance procedure for your hair system.

Styling the hair replacement system

One of the most significant advantages of using a hair replacement system is the ability to style your hair however desired. Additionally, the system should be styled gently and with care. It is best to avoid using heat styling tools such as curling irons and straighteners, as they can damage the hair and the system. The specialist will provide instructions on how to style the system and what products to use.

Everyday experience

Once the hair replacement system is attached, it is essential to adjust to the experience of wearing it. At first, it may feel unusual and take some getting used to. However, over time, it should feel comfortable and natural. It is crucial to be patient and not to give up on the system too soon. The specialist will also provide advice on how to adjust to wearing the system and what to do if any issues arise.


Using a hair replacement system can be a life-changing experience. However, users must understand what to expect when using the system. From the initial consultation to everyday wear, hair replacement specialists will guide you through the process, providing advice on maintenance, styling, and adjusting to wearing the system. With patience and care, a hair replacement system can be an excellent solution for those experiencing hair loss.

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